Is airbrush tanning the same as spray tanning?

Most people think that airbrush tanning is the same as spray tanning, but there is a significant difference. Both airbrush and spray tanning produces excellent results. Some people prefer airbrush tanning while others prefer spray tanning. Here are some differences between the two tanning techniques.

1. Administration of the tanning solution

In airbrush tanning, the airbrush tanning solution is administered manually by a professional. The professionals use their hands to spray the solution to your skin. Many people around the world mostly prefer the method as you can administer the formula on the parts you want and leave those that you do not want.

In spray tanning, a spray tan booth is used to administer the formula. In the spray tan booth, a person steps in and an automatic spray tan machine spray the person from the head to the toes. To get even coating of the tanning solution, one needs to position themselves well.

2. Time took

In airbrush tanning, the sessions take around 15-20 minutes. The time depends on how many coats you want, the type of tanning solution you use and the experience of the tanning artist. After the tanning procedure, it is recommended that you wait for about 12-24 hours before you take a shower.

Example of Spray Tanning

In spray tanning, the procedure takes 5-7 minutes. The machine has automated voice commands that inform the person inside the booth on what to do. In spray tanning, it is recommended to wait up to 8-12 hours before taking a shower.

3. How long the tan lasts

With airbrush tanning, the tan can last for about 7-10 days. However, you will need to take care and maintain the tan to last that long.

With good care and maintenance, the tan in spray tanning lasts 5-7 days. It is important that you use quality tanning solution for the tan to last for long.

4. Customization

With airbrush tanning, you can customize the results you want. You can choose if you want darker tans ion some parts of the body or light tans. To get, the even dark tan, the airbrush tan will take one session compared to the spray tanning where several sessions are required for darker tans.

For spray tanning, you can select different colors that you want and inform the spray tan specialist. The spray tan specialist can mix various colors to attain your desired results.

5. Cost

The cost of both the tanning procedures depends on the salon or spa, the equipment used and the solution used. However, the prices for airbrush tanning are quite low since you will need only one session to get full coverage and even tan.

With spray tanning, it can be costly for those who want a dark tan since they have to go through several sessions to achieve their results.

It is essential that you understand your needs before selecting either airbrush or spray tanning. Once you understand the above differences, you should find a specialist that deals with tanning and ensure that they have been in the industry for long.