All it takes is 30 committed days to see and feel a noticeable difference. We are talking up to two pants sizes. Up to 10 pounds. Real differences you can measure and see.

30 Day Fit Plan Includes:

  • Complete Fitness Assessment
  • Twice weekly private 1:1 training sessions during the 30 day period (must be scheduled between 6AM and 8PM M-F, and between 7:30AM and 12:30PM Saturdays. Appointments are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, You can schedule all appointments as soon as you purchase).
  • 4 one-week Paleo meal plans
  • Access to open gym times during the 30 days to complete at home assignments if you prefer to do them here at Avalon.
  • Your individual program is designed by our program design team which ensures that you will meet your fitness goals.
  • 2 Class passes to try out any Kettlebell, Bootcamp, or CrossFit Beginner Class during the 30 day period.
  • Unused personal training sessions and class passes expire at the end of the 30 days. Discounts can not be used on this package.

What our customers have to say

“Having never done CrossFit before, Avalon’s 30 Day Fit Plan gave me the foundation and confidence to begin the daily workouts. The private training sessions allowed me to work at my pace and grasp the fundamentals of each exercise to prevent injury. After using their meal plan and fitting CrossFit into my weekly workout routine, I was seeing a difference in my muscle tone and even lost 5% body fat during the 30 days! I highly recommend this plan to anyone who is new to CrossFit and is ready to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change!!!”

–Nelson A.–

“After losing some weight on my own and hitting a plateau, I knew that building lean muscle was the next step. The 30 Day Fit Plan allowed me to get used to the CrossFit way of training at a pace that worked for me. The trainers and other clients at Avalon are awesome- I never felt intimidated, only motivated. In my first 30 days, I lost pounds, inches, and percentage points on my BMI. No I’m doing the regular CrossFit classes and still can’t believe the results!”

–Julie B.–