“What I love most about Avalon CrossFit is that I don’t have to think or plan a workout.  I just sign up online and show up.  I know that every time I walk in the place they are going to coach me to an excellent result and I will feel great.  Their programming is done in advance, their programming philosophy is sound and even though it is a class, it is tailored to me personally.  They explain the goals of the WODs (workouts) in advance along with listing the WODs for the entire week every Sunday on their web site.”

— Jon B.

“After losing some weight on my own and hitting a plateau, I knew that building lean muscle was the next step.  The 30 Day Fit Plan allowed me to get used to the CrossFit way of training at a pace that worked for me.  The trainers and other clients at Avalon are awesome- I never felt intimidated, only motivated.  In my first 30 days, I lost pounds, inches, and percentage points on my BMI.  No I’m doing the regular CrossFit classes and still can’t believe the results!”

— Julie B.

“This past week was my two year Anniversary with Avalon CrossFit and Personal Training. A good friend of mine recently said to me (also a Crossfitter) “Christine I liked you more when all you did was run 3 miles”, and I said “WHY??” and he said “because NOW I can’t keep up with you!” and we both laughed it off …

I’m sharing this because that comment made me realize how much I have transformed inside and out since I have been with Avalon. It made me realize that my way of thinking had changed. Everything is about improvement and positive encouragement. One step at a time.
Avalon became more to me than just a place to “workout”. All the Crosssfit haters out there I want you to read this one carefully. It’s not just a place to workout. There is something to be said when you witness a former athlete become reborn through Crossfit. You watch them go from 0-100 and it’s inspiring whether you were a former athlete or not. An experience you cannot share at a traditional gym.
My favorite thing about Avalon is seeing the people of all levels improve over time. It’s an amazing thing to watch and great experience be apart of. You get to know everyone and start to understand who’s struggling with what goat. If your at the right place at the right time you will get to witness your Crossfit friends accomplish goals they had been working on for weeks, months or sometimes years! This, to me, is priceless.
Thanks Avalon.
Two years and counting…”

— Christine M.

After years of going to the gym and not getting the fitness results I wanted I joined Avalon CrossFit at 49 years old. The transformation has been life changing and has helped me lose 30 pounds within 4 months and I feel like I am in better shape and more fit now that when I was 25. The camaraderie and the support of your fellow Avalon athletes during your workout is a great boost to your self confidence and is a motivator. I never saw myself as a CrossFit athlete at 49 but what I like about Avalon and their amazing coaches is that there is no intimidation factor and they all want to help you reach your fitness goals in a way that works for you.

 — Al C. age 49

I joined Avalon two years ago at age 68 because I needed to be stronger to continue competitive fencing. They offer by far the best exercise/ training in the area based on a well founded process and close supervision.  I did indeed become stronger, faster.

— John K.  Age 70   

Having gone to numerous gyms and working with multiple trainers over the years, I started Avalon CrossFit just before my 43rd birthday in February of 2011.  Having just crossed my 3 year anniversary and approaching my 46th birthday, my only regret is that I didn’t find Avalon sooner.  The coaches are fantastic, the other CrossFitters are supportive and friendly and the varied classes have really given me a great overall workout every time I step through the door.  If you’re considering it but are concerned about your age or that the classes might be too difficult, don’t be, the environment is extremely friendly and helpful, you’ll be happy you did.

— Jim C. Age 45

“Having never done CrossFit before, Avalon’s 30 Day Fit Plan gave me the foundation and confidence to begin the daily workouts.  The private training sessions allowed me to work at my pace and grasp the fundamentals of each exercise to prevent injury.  After using their meal plan and fitting CrossFit into my weekly workout routine, I was seeing a difference in my muscle tone and even lost 5% body fat during the 30 days!  I highly recommend this plan to anyone who is new to CrossFit and is ready to make a positive and healthy lifestyle change!!!”

— Nelson A. 

I’m down a little more than 6% body fat since January. Psyched!! Thanks for everyone’s motivation.

 — Sara K.