What our Members Have to Say About Avalon’s Masters Program

After years of going to the gym and not getting the fitness results I wanted I joined Avalon CrossFit at 49 years old. The transformation has been life changing and has helped me lose 30 pounds within 4 months and I feel like I am in better shape and more fit now that when I was 25. The camaraderie and the support of your fellow Avalon athletes during your workout is a great boost to your self confidence and is a motivator. I never saw myself as a CrossFit athlete at 49 but what I like about Avalon and their amazing coaches is that there is no intimidation factor and they all want to help you reach your fitness goals in a way that works for you.

— Al C. age 49

I joined Avalon two years ago at age 68 because I needed to be stronger to continue competitive fencing. They offer by far the best exercise/ training in the area based on a well founded process and close supervision. I did indeed become stronger, faster.

— John K. Age 70

Having gone to numerous gyms and working with multiple trainers over the years, I started Avalon CrossFit just before my 43rd birthday in February of 2011. Having just crossed my 3 year anniversary and approaching my 46th birthday, my only regret is that I didn’t find Avalon sooner. The coaches are fantastic, the other CrossFitters are supportive and friendly and the varied classes have really given me a great overall workout every time I step through the door. If you’re considering it but are concerned about your age or that the classes might be too difficult, don’t be, the environment is extremely friendly and helpful, you’ll be happy you did.

— Jim C. Age 45

Professionalism: You and your staff run a business. YOUR business. They are professional without being boorish. They find balance in that they take their job seriously, but also know that the people who come want to enjoy the experience. Their demeanor and attitude convey a very positive and respectful message. They are welcoming, polite, and fun to be around.

Structure: You have a structured environment that takes guess work out of what is expected, especially in time management which is important for folks with other commitments. It shows a respect for everyone’s time. But again, not militaristic or overly rigid.

Coaches’ attitude: positive and upbeat, as I mentioned before. Easy to talk with/ to. Everyone of your coaches has above average communication skills. Very personable & dedicated. Even if they are stellar athletes, it always seems their focus is on the class, and not showing how good they are. (I have seen this at other places)

Philosophy & programming: I am a bit of a “gym geek” so I like that you have the weekly email and describe the phases, what’s expected, what to look for, goals, etc. Publishing the “why” of your gym philosophy and program design is something I have never seen and I like it.

Open gym / availability of help: Providing open gym as much as you do is RARE. It requires extra staff time but I think really helps set you apart. I also like that your coaches are always happy to help and are available. It is really one of the things that drew me in given my hectic schedule.

Patrick D. -42