Crossfit Modifications And Substitutions

Most exercises require tools and fitness equipment to work out. Unfortunately, it may not always be that you are in the possession of that equipment. This means you inevitably have to settle on cheaper alternatives. This is especially the case if you intend to work out at home.

Our club understands this only too well. This is why we have delineated and recommend certain alternatives you may have to look up to. We have sampled some of the top exercises, their recommended fitness equipment, and the best alternatives.

Triceps Dips

This exercise works out the waist and the back regions. You perform this exercise mainly by placing your hands on a dip bar. You then lower your butt and raise it repeatedly. This way, the muscles of the spine and butt region extend and contract.


In the place of the dip bar, you may instead use two chairs or benches. They have the abilities to deliver the same degree of satisfaction as the dip bar. Moreover, they are cheaper and multipurpose. This means you won’t have to spend any more money to acquire them.

Reverse push-ups/Australian pull ups


This is an intense workout. It resembles the ordinary push-ups in just about every other sense. It only differs in that it works the thighs and the waist regions as well. After lowering your chest on the sturdy table, you kneel at the right angle and push your but outwards and upwards.


Rather than the sturdy table or bench, you may also utilize the floor. You may not feel as comfortable and convenient as you would have been. However, you will still be able to leverage the accompanying benefits and expected outcomes.

Medicine Ball Exercises

Exercises of these kinds utilize the metal balls to work out the chest, hands, waist and build endurance. In this case, you get hold of a ball that is very heavy. You may throw the ball out and about, roll it, or carry it around as the needs of the exercise may so dictate.

Medicine ball twists

Medicine ball twist is a form of the medicine ball exercises. In this sense, you twist the ball using your hands. This way, you get to build your endurance by exerting some effort and weight on the hands. The balls are however generally expensive.


Rather than the medicine ball, you may also wish to try out a backpack that is filled with some heavy stuff, a heavy book, and a heavy plate, among others. They will do you the same good as the metallic ball.

Squat Thrusts

In this form of exercising, you use the medicine balls to add weight to your back. This builds endurance by requiring you to apply excessive force to raise your body from the ground. If you do not have the medicine ball, a backpack that is filled with some heavy stuff, a heavy book, and a heavy plate may do you the same good.

NB: Please note that there are several other forms of exercising and fitness equipment that may be substituted. The ones we have listed and explained above are thus by no means exhaustive. Pay a visit to our website for more information.