CrossFit Workouts You Can Do at Home


This kind of workout is designed in the like manner of the superman. It is rigorous, entails a lot of jumping around, running, and touching walls. The workout is very demanding and impacts all parts of the body uniformly. It may not be feasible though for those who are feeble in body or are hurting.


Push-ups are perhaps the simplest workouts to perform both at home and at the gym. To do this, you just have to fold your hands in a fist. You then have to place the fist on the ground and then slowly lower your chest to the ground. Keep your backbone straight and parallel to the ground at this stage.

Contra-lateral Limb Raises

In this exercise, you simply lie flat onto the ground. You then raise one of your four limbs i.e. the hands and legs up and down. You then proceed to the next limb and so on and so forth. This way, you get to stretch the associated muscles and enhance the flow of blood.

Bent Knee Push-ups

Bent Knee Push-ups

This workout is pretty similar to the push-ups described above. It only differs from the posture while exercising. In this exercise, rather than lying flat on the ground, you kneel down and bend your knees. You then form a fist and place them on the flow. You finish off by lowering your chest gently and raising it from the floor.

Downward-facing Dog

Working out the knees, thighs and legs require an exercise that stretches out the muscles of the said parts of the body. This is such kind of an exercise. In this sense, you bend in an inverted ‘V’. You place your hands on the floor at the same level of your feet. You then hold onto that position for some time.

Bent-Knee Sit-up/Crunches

Sit-up is the opposite of the push-ups. In this sense, you sit normally but on a floor rather than a seat. You then lower your back onto the floor and raise it back slowly. You use your two hands to hold your head in the process of working out the exercise.

Push-up with Single-leg Raises

It is a slight modification of the push-ups. You only need to raise one leg at a time as you lower and raise your chest onto and from the ground respectively. It is more effective at working out the body as it impacts several parts at a time.

Front Plank

Front plank differs not so markedly from the push-ups. In this exercise, however, you do not form a fist. Instead, you place your arm on the ground. You then lower and raise your chest slowly yet progressively onto and from the ground respectively. It works the chest and waist at the same time.

Side Plank with Bent Knee

To carry out this exercise, you place one of your arms on the floor. You then bend your knees at right angles. You proceed to lower and raise your side onto and from the floor repeatedly. The exercise works out the side of your body by stretching and contracting those muscles.

Supine Reverse Crunches

Supine reverse crunches are designed to work the back and spine regions. In this sense, you lie flat on your back and hold the back of your head. You then raise your thighs and legs up at an angle of 90 degrees. You do so repeatedly till you obtain the desired outcomes.