The Avalon CrossFit Masters (Ages 40+) Program

Designed for Masters Athletes by a Master Athlete, the Avalon CrossFit Masters Program is a safe and effective way to CrossFit if you are 40+. Join Avalon’s vibrant group of Masters Athletes and train and even compete with like minded individuals who plan to incorporate fitness in their lifestyle for years to come. If you are tired of training at a gym or box where everyone is under 30 and are looking for more diverse age ranges to train with or even find another Master to enter a local competition with, Avalon CrossFit is the place to be!

Why Avalon?

At Avalon CrossFit we program 5 different tracks plus all 5 Masters Age Group tracks for every all levels CrossFit class. If you are interested in competing, Coach Cori DiDonato, herself a Master’s Athlete, has aligned each day’s programming to prepare you for the movements, weights, and intensity you’ll see in Masters WODs for the CrossFit Open and local competitions. We also have a beginner ramp up class which features mini skill clinics and modified all levels WODs for those newer to CrossFit or those who just want to brush up on skills.

We have 47+ Masters Athletes training at Avalon already with more joining every month. Some only train 2x per week and primarily take our Kettlebell conditioning classes, others are avid 7 day a week CrossFitters that compete locally. At Avalon, we understand the specific nuances that need to be incorporated into a training program to make sure you are the fittest you can be at whatever age you are training. We understand that simply “lowering the weight” is not always the correct modification for Masters Athletes.

If you are new to CrossFit, we have a 30 Day Fit Program that can ramp you up with a combination of private training, meal planning, home WODs, and class passes your first 30 days of the program. It is often this 1:1 coaching that makes the difference between safely entering a new program and staying with it for the long term and not.

If you have been CrossFitting before, it is pretty easy to get started at Avalon. You simply need to schedule and pass our test out and then you can start using your membership or class pack. We also offer 1:1 Personal Training 45 Minute Sessions where you can work on mobility, past injury rehab, lifting technique, or conditioning.

We have two options if you are ready to jump into class- class packs for those who may travel a lot and have an uncertain schedule, and monthly auto-pay memberships that are set up to be anywhere from 1 coached class a week to unlimited coached classes. All of our monthly memberships include UNLIMITED Open Gym access when you register your spot. Our open gym times and other class times are found on our schedule.