The Competitor Track

The Competitor Track is designed for crossfitters who have been training for some time and have developed strengths as well as weakness and this programming is designed to improve both. Strengths, which make up an athlete’s identity will be retained and enhanced while the weaknesses will be attacked making the athlete a more well-rounded competitor.

This track is also for the competitor who wishes to compete either during the CrossFit Open, Regionals, the CrossFit Games, or in different CrossFit competitions. The Competitor Track programmed in the weekly blog will give the athlete more experience moving percentage-based lifts as well as practicing higher technical type gymnastic movements during a workout. With the CrossFit community moving forward and advancing their skills it is only a natural progression for Avalon Competitors to do the same.

Along with following the Competitor track, Competitors are also urged to attend the skill clinics on Friday nights from 6:30-7:30PM. These clinics have various topics that can enhance competition skills and are only $25 to attend. These clinics are to advance the skills of competitors, not to teach the basic movements. If you have not mastered some of the basic movements you see in the daily WOD, then you should attend a Beginner Ramp-up class to review the progressions for such things as butterfly pull ups, kipping toes to bar, rope climbs, etc.

Requirements by the athlete for consideration:

  • Must attend at least 4 CrossFit Classes per week at Avalon CrossFit.
  • Must have been CrossFitting for at least 3 months.
  • Must keep daily logs of training in a journal kept at Avalon.
  • Smart Phone with Coaches Eye or similar application

Getting Started:

  • Upgrade to at least a 4x/week monthly membership if you have not already done so.
  • Continue to attend at least 4 coached CrossFit classes each week.
  • Round out and continue improving on your current skill set by attending any necessary beginner ramp-up classes, purchase a single
  • CrossFit skills session, and attend any necessary all levels sessions to make sure you have participated in all clinics relating to the basic skills of kipping pullups, kipping handstand pushups, muscle ups, all the oly lifts, all the power lifts, rope climbs, etc.