The Healing Power of Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry often has meaning, serves a purpose, and symbolizes deep ideas. In most cases, it is connected to the gemstone it is incorporated in the piece. We have provided you with some simple guidelines so you can distinguish their meaning and symbolism.

Black Jade

Black Jade has been around for the longest time. It is used to protect from harm and negative energy. It symbolizes deep inner thoughts and knowledge. It can help you develop creative paths and ideas. It is perfect if you wish to get rid of negativity in your life or help yourself see things more clearly. It is also good for developing your ambition and reaching for your goals more eagerly.


Amber is a stone of content. It is believed to clear your thoughts and intentions, keep you grounded and balanced. It can help you resolve irrational fears and a spiral of unnecessary thoughts. Amber is an old stone which is best for young individuals still in the process of coming of age.


Rhodochrosite jewelry is believed to cure broken love connections. It is perfect for people who need to feel or develop unconditional love. This pink gem can help heal and protect you from anger, fear, and jealousy. In some cases, it is believed to make a strong bond between your inner feelings and inner thoughts. By doing so, it will make your body and mind act as one.

Other than that, rhodochrosite can help you attract love and heal a broken heart.

Blue Lapis

This is a valuable stone which can help you release frustrations. If you feel weak, anxious, or angry – blue Lapis is the stone for you. Though it has strong healing powers it is very delicate and has to be handled carefully. If you have one, make sure you take good care of it as it can bring you joy and positivity.

Metal and Gemstones

Gemstones are not the only elements of jewelry that carry a meaning. In some cases, Native American sterling silver rings can have a meaning of their own. Sometimes the silver has carvings with intricate symbolism. This is especially true if the silver is in combination with particular gemstones. This jewelry carries beauty, meaning, and tradition. It is part of a longstanding heritage.

Mother of Pearl

The ever so refined and classy mother of Pearl is a stone which changes colors. It is used for clarifying meaning in your life. It can help you see who you truly are, who you actually love, and what the purest things which matter in life. It can help you protect your home and children. Also, it can powerfully influence your strength of thought and intuition.


An old colorful stone such as Jasper has served spiritual purposes for the longest time. It is mostly used for good fortune and gaining wealth. It is believed to be helpful in developing a business and reaching material stability. It can unleash your ambition and keep you on the right track.